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CCHIT 2014

The main mission of CCHIT organization is to accelerate the adoption of Health Information Technology.


CCHIT 2014
CCHIT 2014
Certification Commission Health Information Technology was founded to promote the extensive adoption of health information technology. It has been established the detailed, practical and required capabilities, it also the certifying EHR system. The development of certification criteria is through the consensus-based procedures which allow it officially to get recognized by the federal government.
CCHIT offers three main parts to certify. The recent path is intended to get the extensive availabilities for the technology of EHR. These three paths include;
·        Certified CCHIT
·        Certification which is independently developed
·        ONC-ATCB certification

This programs tests detailed EHR and their modules against the Final issues with the EHR certification program and ONC.

Announcement about New Strategic Direction

At the end of the January, 2014, the Certification Commission Health Information Technology announced the new strategic directions for supporting the adoption of interoperable health information technology. The planning of CCHIT is to offer the counsel to health IT and health care providers as per requirement of certified EHR technology. CCHIT also generates new programs and policies to gain interoperability and to support change to transform healthcare and health positively.
CCHIT also gets alliance with HIMSS to get the advantage of its understanding about health care provider and the requirements of HIT industry, also increases the chances of CCHIT’s success programs.

Authorization for 2014 EHR Certification and Testing Program

The CCHIT announced on Jan 11, that it is authorized by the Office for National Coordinator for Health Information Technology for the program of ONC HIT certification, 2014 edition.
As per the requirements of certifications, the EHR vendors must possess tested products by a recognized laboratory and also the certified by an authorized certification organization. According to the Jan. 11 statement, CCHIT serves as the newly updated testing processes and the materials of certifications which meet the terms with ONC 2014 edition.
CCHIT reported about its 2014 program which is open and accepting the applications for the certification and testing of EHR with the services which are including the new ONC 2014 edition.

EHR Certification and Testing are Stopped

According to the press release, the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology is not going to further recognize or test the EHR systems; rather it will focus on the efforts of global health information technology, in combination with the Health Information Management Systems Society.
The certification of EHR is being done by the CCHIT since 2006 and has become the certifying body with the ONC in 2012.
According to Alisa Ray, CCHIT executive director, more than 300 products are being certified by the CCHIT for ONC 2014 certification, whereas 70 products are in the process of certification. The application for certifications is being stopped for taking by the CCHIT and seems to accomplish the pending certifications by May, 2014. The CCHIT program has certified the 77 products of commission by independent CCHIT program, and these certifications will remain legal till December 31, 2014.

Benefits and Possible Issues

One of the most important and essential benefits of the Certification Commission Health Information Technology certified is to get the access to HITECH act stimulus patients and to get assurance of a high quality EMR system which fulfill all the requirements of functionality, security needs and interoperability. The product could be CCHIT certified for e-prescribing but not for the care of inpatient, in that case it will not be qualified for the stimulus fund facility. That is the reason that it is important to understand about the high cost of certified EHR Software which could be higher than other non-certified products.

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