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White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and MIT Co-hosting Public Workshop - Big Data Privacy-Not Possible Unless We License and Excise Tax The Sellers, The Corporate Profit Epidemic Continues to Spread

You can’t really talk about privacy without addressing the “epidemic” we have of data selling. image You can’t regulate it without knowing who all the players are and as citizens of the US, we are given no clue at all other than reading the news and that only scrapes the surface.  Little data figures in here as well as far as privacy as both lead to security breaches.  Look what happened about a week ago in the UK with a bank, Barclays selling all kinds of personal client information…they had everything, income, health data, etc. and it was rolling around from one broker to another. 

Barclays Brokers Caught Selling Confidential Data of Thousand of Clients–Whistleblower Exposes The Largest Detailed Information Bank Data Breach On Record, Information Included Health Information, Mortgages, Earnings and So On…Kind of Reads Like An Inside Job…

Senator Rockefeller recently sent letters to a number of data brokers. 

Senator Rockefeller Puts the Data Sellers on Notice–We Need to Index and License All Data Sellers to Include Banks, Insurers And Other Companies In Addition to the Data Brokers..

We have absolutely nothing as consumers with the exception of HIPAA for medical records in the US.  We have lawyers that work on the legal verbiage of laws while code and data run “hog ass wild” and banks and companies are racking in the billions selling data.  We can’t have any privacy without an index of who everyone is and a license would do that plus raise a little tax money as it’s only fair as we also are the “free labor” who has to fix flawed data as we are denied access to something and those selling our data know it and could care less about a lot of accuracy.


FTC efforts so far…totally useless.

FTC “Reclaim Your Name Campaign” Not Good Enough–No Path for Regulation Identified–All Data Sellers Including Banks, Insurers, Etc. Should Be Required to Buy a License

Hope they accomplish something as time’s running out for the consumer and the data selling epidemic that substantiates lack of privacy continues to grow with nobody watching the show at all.  BD 

Data Dealer Game…

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and MIT are co-hosting a public workshop entitled “Big Data Privacy: Advancing the State of the Art in Technology and Practice” on March 3, 2014. imageThis event is part of a series of workshops on big data and privacy organized by the MIT Big Data Initiative at CSAIL and the MIT Information Policy Project.

This workshop is also the first in a series of events being held across the country in response to President Obama’s call for a review of privacy issues in the context of increased digital information and the computing power to process it.

The workshop will convene key stakeholders and thought leaders from across academia, government, industry, and civil society for a thoughtful dialogue on the future role of technology in protecting and managing privacy. We will concentrate on core technical challenges associated with big data applications and provide a theoretical grounding for privacy considerations in large-scale information systems. We will explore the state of the art in privacy-protecting technologies and discuss how they can be applied to a diversity of big data applications

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