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Social Media for the Professionals of Health Care

Most of the physicians use facebook, text messages and social networking sites to share their experiences

The phenomenon of social media is rising day by day which potentially impacts on the physicians. Generally, it is useful to think for the professionals of health care industry in 3 domains;
Social Media for the Professionals of Health Care
Social Media for the Professionals of Health Care
·        Practice to public
·        Peer to peer
·        Physician to patient

The domain of practice to publicis all about marketing and exposing the medical practice of the physicians to the public. There are a number of ways to use Twitter, Facebook and others to gain the visibility of professionals.
The domain of peer to peeris about letting the colleagues know about the practice which is not so dissimilar to the methods of practice-to-public. If the peer to peer communication is about the particular patients, then a protected platform requires to be established to interchange the Protected Health Information (PHI).
The interaction of patient to patient impacts on HIPAA. The online interaction which involves the PHI is required to be on a protected platform, not on regular networking sites.

Role in EHR system
Physicians and EHR developers all are continuously looking for different ways to improve the experience of engaging patients, using the software, and helping health IT to play a central role in improving the delivery and quality of care.
While healthcare organizations are using social media for branding and marketing purposes. They have been reasonably reluctant to post on Facebook and place Tweets at the similar level of importance. But lots of people share the personal details of their routine lives with their network of acquaintances and friends. 

Effective usage in health care marketing

The health care professionals and organizations are using the social media to get connected with the providers and consumers and to inform the development of the product. An effective strategy can be used to complete the goals of health care in some areas i.e. sharing of information, clinical outcomes, innovation speed and communication.
Establishment of policy
Establishing the policy will help to protect you against the privacy, security or ethics breaks by your customers or employees. You should also offer the education of staff. Outreach and training are essential to assure that the staff is completely comprehend and able to carry out the policy.

Consideration of starting
Social media can be used to improve the branding, marketing, recruitment, customer services and relation. However education for yourself must be done first which is allowable.

Internally recruitment of social media managers

Allocate the responsibilities among staff is Internet savvy and is excited about using the social media in healthcare to give the advantage of your organization. Try to keep the content current and accurate.

Health care professionals must know about social media

The medical professionals must have to involve and to avoid the embarrassing interactions which can affect the both institute and professionals.

Sharing of useful information

The primary goal in social media is to educate that means you should have to share the information which the people find useful.

Collectively working
There are lots of people who are active and successful on the social media. They are interested in setting up a Facebook page and blogging etc. For this purpose they have to contact with the communication and marketing experts.

Online reviews
Normally, patient experience impacts online reviews more than the quality of the patient care. The perfect way to avoid negative online posts is to assure that the patients are feeling better for their experience.

Usage of common sense
You must be careful about posting the content which could be offensive. There is no way to know in which sense your message will be taken. Let your perception be your director; if it appears like a bad idea, it possibly is.

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