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Perception of physician about EHR system

Perception of physician about EHR system
Perception of physician about EHR system
Technology and its usage is always being the big challenge for the physicians. It is saying that physicians do not like the technologies. But somehow physicians have accepted the EHR software in their practices. The electronic health record system is the correct way to follow in the future by the health care providers.
Either they get it or not, approximately, all physicians perceive and respond to improbability in their own way and which can affect the way they use their freshly installed electronic health record system.
There are number of steps which can be taken to change the point of view of physician regarding an electronic health record system.

Concentrate on positive impact
Because of meaningful use of EHR system, as directed by the center of Medicare and Medicaid services, providers can get financial incentives. It is a common misconception of physicians that the EHR software would slow down the output of their medical services. Providers can achieve huge incentives if they start using EHR system in their medical practices as soon as possible for them.

Effectiveness of cost
Paper based record system is an outdated way to maintain the medical records of patient. With the help of electronic health record software, the practice save space of storage by maintaining all records digitally. There is no need to open the file cabinets upon the other cabinets to track a specific patient record. Money of paper cost, whereas electronically handling data costs close to nothing. The staff requires to uphold records is multifold less than the paper based record practice will require.

The providers, labs, hospitals, patients, pharmacies and their families of health care industry, through the use of EHRs can be fed up of with real time data. Electronic health record system agreed for the transmission of patient related data which is in different file formats too. One important feature of an interoperable system is an ability to deliver patient data wherever the patient travels and move, that is, data across the different states can be gain access to the real time along with the patient.

Handling of uncertainty by physicians
Researchers have found some categories for the perception of physicians of uncertainty that how they would manage with their EHR system. It is also observed that the category of physicians can help to identify that how physician is using EHRsystem. And what changes have noticed.

Doubtful decline
Patient’s view of information controlled the medical record as dominant to the medicine practice.
try to search ways to use information to decrease the uncertainty.
priority should be given to the organized patient information over other types of patient information (tone of patient physician interaction, patient body language, tacit and difficult to capture characteristics of encounter of patients, etc.)
◾It is believes that more information, specially the classes of data that can be caught in an EHR system.

Doubtful hybrid
Patient’s view of information controlled the medical record as dominant to the medicine practice.
Visions of the exchange and creation of information between physicians and patients during the encounter of patient as vital to the practice of medicine.
Accomplishes improbability about the information limited in the medical record and about the communications with others.
Be certain of getting more information which is necessary but not enough for better care of patients.

In the end, providers are valid to be frightened the fast step of government in introducing Electronic health record systems. But to consider about it clearly will make them understand that there is no other way, the world has progressed in the future of healthcare IT and we have to catch up now.

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