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Electronic Prescribing or e-Prescribing has just taken place of the traditional papers and faxed prescriptions. E-Prescribing is basically the computer based medical prescription, which allows physicians, doctors, nurses and medical technologists to electronically communicate with the patients. E-prescribing has the capacity to send error free, accurate and logical prescription, straight forward to the pharmacy, for the point of care. We can say that it is an essential element to improve the quality of patient care. It decreases the risks which are associated with the traditional prescription work. E-Prescribing is one of the main reasons to push the Electronic Medical Records, which use to connect the patient with the team of health care providers to assist informed decision making.

Main components of e-Prescribing

The basic components of e-Prescribing system are;
·        Prescriber- A typically a person.
·        Transaction Hub
·        Pharmacy with fulfilled electronic prescribing software.
·        Pharmacy Benefit Manager (EBM)

Benefits of e-Prescribing
E-prescribing proposes clinicians an influential device for security and competently handling their patient's medications. Compared to paper-based prescribing, e-prescribing can improve patient safety and medication agreement; improve recommending accurateness and effectiveness, to reduce health care costs through avoided adverse drug events and substitution of less expensive drug alternatives. Following are some main benefits of e-Prescribing.

Improvements in Patient’s Quality care
A hand written prescription has been eliminated, which actually increases the risk of medication error. E-prescription helps to improve the quality of patient’s safety, as it is completely digital, the chances of error are less as compared to written material. It allows to access patient’s medical health records and their medical history.

Decreasing the Time
While working with the e-Prescribing, it is assured that the time limit must be reduced. E-Prescriptions saves the time.  E-Prescribing are used to decreased the number of pharmacy call-backs, which are related to the ineligibility, pharmacy benefits, wrong prescription choices, reducing the amount of wasted time on phone. This impact positively on the efficiency of workflow.

 Prescription Renewal Request
By the usage of e-Prescribing, it is an automatic process of renewal authorization that provides benefits to both physicians as well as the patients. Within the limited resources, they can accomplish a medication renewal task while improving constant patient documentation.

Increasing Medication Submission
It was noticed that 20% of paper based prescription orders went unfilled because of the limited time, dropping off the paper and to waiting for it fulfillment.  By eliminate or decrease the number of this waiting period, this will definitely increase the performance of this process which may result in patient’s satisfaction.

Challenges and Limitations
E-Prescribinghas an ability to work properly in the field of health records. But still it is facing some challenges and limitations which includes;
·        The main challenge of e-Prescribing is change management. The changing between papers based prescriptions to the e-prescription. It seems difficult for its users to switch suddenly paper based prescription into e-prescriptions.
·        Choosing the correct hardware and software applications is very scary task. Many have access to information technology, to get to know how to start? , correct vendor selection and meaningful use.
Unplanned documents entry errors such as choosing the wrong patient or connecting on the wrong choice in a list of options of quantities may occur. Software vendors should frequently review user reactions and monitor best practices in user boundary plan.

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