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Powerful package lemon punch for Health and Household


Lemons are the most valued of all the fruits for their healing, detoxifying, cleansing and rejuvenating properties. Since ancient cultures, lemons have been used for the preservation of health and longevity all around the world to cleanse and cultivate health with its strong phytochemical punch.

Powerful package lemon punch for Health and HouseholdProperty breakdown

Lemon juice is 6.7-8.6 % citric acid. Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin required for the formation of collagen, a protein found in skin that reduces wrinkles, lessens scare tissue and strengthens and repairs blood vessels and other body tissues. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants have anti-cancer properties and are responsible for slowing down the aging process, fighting tumors, repairing wounds and warding off inflammatory illnesses and fighting viral and bacterial infections.

Medicinal properties

Citric acid is a powerful chelator that binds to metal ions for heavy metal toxin removal, such as with amalgam cavity fillings. Limonene, the oil found in the citrus peel, contains the highest quantities of the medicinal phytochemicals shown to reduce non-melanoma skin cancer risk. Bioflavonoids in lemon juice strengthen the blood vessels and maintain good eye health. The potassium content is essential for normal kidney function, electrolyte balance and critical for nerve and muscle function. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties in lemon juice is recommended for acute rheumatism.

Historical Fun Facts

Lemon juice was known to counteract narcotic poisoning. Nero, emperor of Rome, was known for drinking copious quantities of lemon juice to prevent any assassination attempts through poisoning and has long been recognized for its value as a hangover cure. The citric acid in lemons is capable of breaking down the proteins in seafood, further aiding in digestion. The initial reason lemons has always been paired with seafood was for its antibacterial properties to make the food safe. Lemon has been widely used for cleaning the house and used internally and externally for cleansing the body and also as a means for preserving food, remedies and any homemade concoctions.

During the 18th century, British Royal Surgeon James Lind discovered that the amount of Vitamin C in lemons was enough to ward off scurvy. In this regard, it has been a British tradition that every ship carry enough lemon juice for every sailor. Indonesian tradition held that for those whose suffered migraines, one should clean with lemons and soak their feet in lemon juice water. Lemons were also the go-to for neuralgia, malaria, rickets, tuberculosis, gout, and chronic rheumatism.

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