Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Healthcare Software Solutions

Technological advancements have allowed us to gather, process, and apply information faster than ever before. The development of advanced healthcare software solutions has allowed the industry to turn spreadsheets and raw data into actionable information that has not only benefitted the organizations, but the patients as well. These software solutions are utilized by both small and large healthcare providers streamlining incident reports, patient feedback, infection surveillance, and claims management. Technology has only recently allowed the secure sharing of this data to improve processes, so one can understand how these efficiency improvements may have taken until now to identify!

Healthcare Software SolutionsIncident Reporting

Reporting incidents in the healthcare industry is extremely important. Advanced software solutions have created an environment where it is much easier to both enter and mange incident reporting. Being able to update this in real-time allows for better communication flow across departments and locations. It also allows healthcare organizations to find trends in the reporting and quickly find solutions.

Patient Feedback

Healthcare software solutions have also allowed the industry to improve patient satisfaction on every level. Similar to reporting, you can better track and manage patient feedback ensuring your patients (clients) are happy with your level of service. Guaranteeing that all patient feedback is kept in a central location across the entire organization is very important as it provides an overall picture of what areas need attention. Streamlining patient feedback is not only important to ensuring customer satisfaction but also to help the organizations avoid potentially costly claims.

Infection Surveillance

Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are a serious problem that affects many patients throughout the United Sates. Although hospitals and healthcare organizations are clearly purposed to protect and take care of their patients, whenever you get that many sick people in the same building there is always a risk of infections spreading. Advanced software solutions help these organizations detect and communicate the spread of infections and minimize harm.

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